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Petition against evolution denial gets full page coverage in [Glasgow] Sunday Herald

A petition by the Scottish Secular Society to stop ‘neo-creationism’ being taught in schools was backed by three Nobel-winning British scientists, including Sir Harold Kroto, above

This story has made it to the “Headlines” news feed! My comment on the story, published in the Heerald’s web version  [links added]:

It does not matter what classroom we are in. It is simply not true, and has not been true for generations, that evolution (including macroevolution) and common descent are what C4ID calls in its statement to Parliament “undemonstrated and speculative”.

If any group wanted to tell schoolchildren that the existence of atoms was undemonstrated and speculative, that would be equally objectionable. However, it is only in the case of evolution and the age of the Earth that we have organisations dedicated to misinforming.

The C4ID full statement to Parliament is at the petitions website;. As I show in my response, it takes a position much further removed from scientific reality than Dr Noble’s disingenuous remarks here would suggest.

The full story is here, and comment on the web page is overwhelmngly favourable.

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