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Gaza: what you can do right now


Photo: Iyad al Baba,via Oxfam

This shouldn’t be necessary, but it is:

Things are quiet in Gaza, at least for the moment. The Israelis have achieved their goal of destroying much of Hamas’s material base and tunnels. Hamas has achieved its goal of making the Israelis look bad, getting large numbers of their own people killed or made homeless, and Israel has certainly obliged. Hamas’s rejection of Israel’s right to exist, and Israel’s policy of indefinite repression, stand equally bankrupt. We can argue over how to distribute blame for the suffering, but there is no doubt who has suffered.   Meantime, there is much to be done, even in such elementary matters as basic shelter, and the provision of drinking water.In emergencies like the present one, such basic responsibilities fall, by default, on the shoulders of non-Governmental relief agencies. This is not how it should be, but it is how it is. If you have any feeling for the people of Gaza, give generously.

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