Very boring recent experience convinces me that I need them to keep the site enjoyable and useful without resorting to ad hoc censoring.

1. No nasty personal attacks (I decide what’s nasty).

2. I will in general allow creationist comment, but may shorten for brevity and (to the extent that such a thing is possible with creationism) clarity. See also Rules 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

3. No it’s-all-in-the-mind or similar metaphysical woo.

4. I will truncate irrelevant or boring peripheral discussions. I decide what’s irrelevant or boring and peripheral, but a recent example is a discussion about prize-winning toilet access when the original posting was about marketing creationism to children.  And I am very easily bored by discussions about free will or the existence of God.

5. If you make exactly the same point in two successive comments, you don’t get a third bite at the cherry.

6. If I edit a comment, for whatever reason, I will say that I have done so and why.

7. I will not in general allow comments that are off-topic.

8. The rules mean what I say they mean.  No appeal.

  1. I guess I can’t cite the rule of ignorance in any discussion with you either, then?


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