The Roots of Creationism

Never forget that the claim of today’s Young Earth creationists to be following the Bible is simply untrue. The fantastical convulsions, supposedly occurring at the time of the Flood, that they invoke to explain the facts of geology are not at all biblical, but derived from the visions of Ellen White, founder-prophetess of Seventh-day Adventism. In this post, my friend Michael Roberts, geologist and priest, gives us a sample of the extensive scholarship in which he sets the record straight.

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin

Where did Creationism come from?

Creationism still confuses many people. So often it is seen as a throw-back to the time when people were not so enlightened or intelligent and under the sway of church dogma.

It is amazing some still hold that and fail to recognise the scientific skills of those in the Middle Ages – most notably Christians and clergy like Bacon, Grossteste among others.

We may despair, as I do of those like Ken Ham, Henry Morris and others, who try to prove the earth is only 6000-10,000 years old and we may be tempted to pour scorn as this cartoon does.


However we should assume that this crazy ideas were the views of Christians in previous centuries and so much of the work of scholars like John Hedley Brook, David Livingstone and Ron Numbers among many others have demonstrated this time and time again in the…

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  1. “Tracing creationism back to the late 17th century theories of Burnet, Whiston
    and Woodward is similarly mistaken, despite the common emphasis
    on Flood Geology, as these theories have a thoroughly rationalistic,
    moralistic and Latitudinarian and, at times, anti-Trinitarian outlook
    consonant with a weak, if not absent Soteriology.”

    Despite the virtual incomprehensible writing, I gather this is another “my religious view is better than their religious view and therefore science and religion are compatible” type of article.

    The bible is wrong. All religion is superstition. The question is, will we apes ever get over it?


    • NIGEL is a TEAPOT

      The Church created the sciences, and the sciences cannot be justified outside of the Church.

      This is because the foundational statements of the sciences are:
      1) the earth is not Divine
      2) all is intelligible

      Since we know God is ipsum esse subsistens, therefore we know that God is not in creation as He is uncreated and uncontingent. We can only study through observing contingency, and therefore meaning we can only study other created, contingent things like us. That God is not in His creation as a created thing means that we can study all of creation.

      That we can know things from creation is that we have the same creator and therefore can know things about the stars as we can about ourselves. Technically all material things are siblings to us, far lesser siblings but siblings nonetheless.

      The Church created the term “evolution” originally to mean how things change over time by watching God work before us in real time. This feeds back into God being ipsum esse subsistens (the subsistent act of “to be” itself) as God is so above and outside His creation that we may only know of him by the interaction of His paintbrush on our universe.

      That man is Made in the Image of God comes to us by implicit knowledge of God and that we are not made for this world as we are far greater than it. Not to mention God informing this to Moses during their meetings in the tent; Moses’ book containing this information is the Book of Genesis.


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