The Left Must Find Its Way Back to Science

The sweet potato is a naturally occurring GMO (so are you)

And I would add, in the UK, unreasoning rejection of fracking (even by those who support off-shore oil production) to the list here of environmentally damaging Left presuppositions that urgently need replacement by rational discussion.

Random Rationality

With President Trump committing himself to reversing most, if not all, of Obama’s progressive environmental policies and having pulled out of the Paris Accords, I think it is imperative that the Left take a fresh, evidence-based look at their boogeymen. The Right may have their climate change and evolution denial, but the Left holds onto their fears of GMOs, conventional agriculture, and nuclear power as if they were afraid to lose them. The civilizational knife-edge we find ourselves atop of, as well the pushing and shoving Trump is adding, demands that the Left right their wrongs. Apparently, the Left is the party of science, and while that has always been a stretch, there’s no better time to make it so.

With the departure of the world’s second largest emitter from the first worldwide accord that attempted to limit climate change to within 2 degrees Celsius above baseline, that means that the rest…

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About Paul Braterman

Science writer, former chemistry professor; committee member British Centre for Science Education; board member and science adviser Scottish Secular Society; former member editorial board, Origins of Life, and associate, NASA Astrobiology Insitute; first popsci book, From Stars to Stalagmites 2012

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  1. I wonder if the Left are as bad as Creationists and extreme Climate Change deniers at times. You are re-blogged!!


  2. Me thinks there is much truth in this pragmatic approach. It is strange that we all have limited resources and have to cut our cloth and yet to suggest that we limit growth is considered bordering on madness. The Club of Rome has been advocating this for many years but the world seems geared up to continual growth ; we must do better and better ; earn more and more ; travel further and further each year. It’s called progress but in our present precarious situation it could lead to disaster.


  3. Interesting perspective -as a lefie nuclear power chemist alas too little too late and unable to adapt to New technology fast enough or ever supply more than 10% globally. All old stuff-France possibly best option but costs prohibitive.
    Supporting new land rights/community use best results to mobilise local awareness of energy.
    Fracking not economic wuth low oil price & decreasing demand.


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