Young Earth Creationists arguing in circles

Relative dating from sedimentology dates back some 200 years, as beautifully explained here by my friend, field geologist and Anglican priest, Michael Roberts, with illustrations from what he has seen himself, while we have now had absolute radiometric dates for over a century. Index fossils are used only to establish that rocks are the same age, and the way creationists manage to forget this fact is indeed miraculous.

This piece gains added interest because of its first-hand accounts, both of geological exploration, and of attempts to persuade creationists to accept the results.

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin

This incredibly duplicitous meme appeared on my twitter feed today. Fri 13th Jan 2017icrevolution

Evolution is wrong as it is a circular argument from the age of fossils worked out from evolution

Yes, it is the old chestnut of Young Earthers that the age of rocks is based on a circular argument from evolution. It took me back to 1971 when I made the felicitous mistake of going to L’Abri to sit at the feet of the evangelical guru Francis Schaeffer. I arrived ther all bright-eyed and bushy tailed thinking of all the wondrous things I would learn in the next four weeks. I learnt much but not what I had expected.

On my first morning i was sent to Shaeffer’s son-in-law Udo Middlemann to discuss what I would study. I explained that I was going into the Anglican ministry and had just returned from 3 years working as an…

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  1. If the evolutionists are arguing in circles, how do they ever manage to agree on one story to tell? If their only motivation is to contradict the Bible, all that they need is a few million years to safely distinguish themselves from the 6000 or so years of YEC. Several billion years seems to be excessive. And why not make it infinitely old?
    Are we supposed to imagine some secret meeting of the top evolutionists where they voted on the history of life and the Earth?


  2. We need to consider what we are dealing with in young earth Christianity. It’s very important to realise holding these views has nothing to do with intelligence and therefore appealing to intelligence is a waste of time. These people have a mind- set which is common to many religious extremists. Unfortunately we humans are apt to pick facts that are in line with our gut-feeling of what is true. This habit can easily be seen even in the history of science as well as religion. Steven Pinker has already spoken out against the blank slate theory by insisting we carry a huge evolutionary baggage. This also calls in to question as to whether we are as civilised as we claim to be. It would not take much for the open secular governments which protect everyone’s freedom to be deposed, in fact we can already see this happening throughout the globe.


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