US absentee election registration made easy: tell US expat friends

trumpI don’t think this man wants you or your friends to see this: absentee voting in US election is easy now, even for expats. My own absentee ballot just arrived by email. I can return it on line as well. I needed social security number, and address of last US voter registration: details at

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  1. I am certainly not knowledgeable about this. I was surprised to hear that people without a permanent address in the USA could vote. Apparently, even citizens who have never had a residence in the USA might be able to vote.


    • Interesting. I got signed up using the US addressof my last registration.

      The US takes its non-resident citizens seriously. For example, they are in principle liable to US income tax on their earnings. However, since (directly contrary to what Trump says) the US is one of the least heavily taxed countries, their foreign tax liability will generally make this irrelevant.


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