Creationism on the Rocks; severely faulted

An excellent summary. But I think that Michael is being naive when he suggests that if we get people to accept the geology, the biology will look after itself.

This may be true in the UK, where the creationists and ID supporters are thinly disguised, or even open, Young Earth creationists, but most of those at the Discovery Institute in the US are Old Earth creationists, and the creationists themselves have a remarkable ability to ignore such minor disagreements.

The most valuable part of this post is, in my view, the historical analysis; most of us accept the creationists’ claim to be the inheritors of ancient Christian tradition, whereas the creationism that now confronts us is a mid-20th century heresy, with its roots in Seventh Day Adventism and, before them, the Millerites.

And Michael will forgive me, I’m sure, for dissenting from the God bits.

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin





Monkey Business at School

Creationism just doesn’t seem to go away and at present poor Scotland is having to deal with it with attempts to outlaw it after the Lanark fiasco when creationist books were sent home. This is the  book and an illustration. some parents went ape!!

TruthBeTold (2)dinopica

And so it crops up at regular intervals through the United Kingdom, as it has done since the Emmanuel affair in 2002.

In the last four decades Creationism has caused controversy in American churches, schools and colleges and hits the headlines when education boards question the teaching of evolution as happens in almost every state in the Union.  When I taught geology at Wheaton College in America in 2001 half of my ten geology students were sure the earth was created in 6 days – at least at the beginning of the course.  Finding…

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