A fracking lie. No more no less

By my geologist friend Michael Roberts.

I don’t like it when creationists tell lies and I don’t like it when anti-frackers tell lies, either.

My own view, for what it’s worth, is that the Royal Society probably know what they’re talking about when recommending that the UK proceed, but with tighter regulation than that currently at force in the US; that if more methane means less coal that’s a good thing (coal has twice the carbon footprint per unit of energy, as well as a whole shopping list of other disadvantages); that knee-jerk rejection of fracking is the very opposite of evidence-based decision making; and that quantified evidence-based decision making is crucial if we are to keep the lights on while keeping the climate change already in process within tolerable bounds.

https://royalsociety.org/policy/projects/shale-gas-extraction/report/ June 2012

https://royalsociety.org/~/media/policy/Publications/2015/01-07-15-rs-response-environmental-audit-committee-environmental-risks-fracking.pdf Jan 2015 and references therein

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin

Here’s the latest picture doing the rounds to show earthquake damage done by fracking


Or more clearly ;


Now this looks very scary  and will make people concerned that will cause quakes in their area. However twitter sleuth aka sadbutmadlad took on the roll of Sherlock Holmes and soon found that this terrible shot had nothing to do with fracking and was in fact caused by a 7.5 quake near Yellowstone in 1959 which is somewhat before modern fracking started

You can read it all about it here ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1959_Hebgen_Lake_earthquake

Oh deary me, pants on fire

Featured Image -- 1005

It does seem to me that fractivists wear very Hot Pants and possibly the fire is fuelled by CH4.

If this was a one-off it would be forgiveable, but porkies like this are the staple fare of so much anti-fracking literature put out whether in print or in the aether.

It seems that this…

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  1. Just dragging the image into images.google.com finding it on pinterest which led to wikipedia was very simple and took only a minute. The Age in Oz who originally used it did no checking and Frack Off who tweeted it did no checking. And they want use to believe they are experts at research and know everything?

    PS. Thanks for blogging it.


  2. The evidence linking the north west of England fracking with low-level earthquakes in the region, which coincided with one another time-wise, seemed pretty compelling as an early warning! One should also be mindful of American fracking encouraged by the US Government as a powerful economic tool to undermine Putin who relies heavily on the export of oil and methane for essential revenue.

    Reagan fooled the Russian leaders with Starwars and which paved the way to economic ruin of the Russian economy and, thereafter, the break-up of the USSR. The US cannot use the same box of tricks again. But they can use an economic weapon based on a global oversupply of fossil fuel to keep the price low.


    • Yes, energy that doesn’t depend on Putin is a good thing. But I think the geopolitics are secondary to the economics and, AFAIC, to the potential reduction in CO2 if, as santiy demands, we leave the energy equivalent of coal in the ground.


  3. Paul Bruggink

    Keep up the good fight against anti-fracker and YEC liers.


  4. About the only issue I agree with UKIP (and others) on is that not fracking for shale gas would be a missed opportunity (though we also need renewables and nuclear).


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