Back in Edinburgh Monday June 3 for “The Future of Religion”

Keith Gilmour (of Centre for Unintelligent Design fame) and I will be back in Edinburgh this Monday, presenting our double act on “The Future of Religion” (see here and here for summaries of  what we said on the topic at the Edinburgh International Science Festival) to the Edinburgh group of Humanist Society of Scotland. No token (or not-so-token) religionist this time, and I will be adding to what I said before some remarks about the fact of the entrenched power of religion, and how best to challenge it.

Monday: 7.30 sharp, Mercure Hotel (formerly Mount Royal Hotel), Skyline suite on 7th floor (there’s a lift), 53 Princes Street, Edinburgh

About Paul Braterman

Science writer, former chemistry professor; committee member British Centre for Science Education; board member and science adviser Scottish Secular Society; former member editorial board, Origins of Life, and associate, NASA Astrobiology Insitute; first popsci book, From Stars to Stalagmites 2012

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  1. It would be very useful to have a common social organization to offer non-believers a sense of belonging and an umbrella structure for effective charitable work.
    This would also help reduce government dependance on religious organizations to run various schools and health care efforts that are now being run very badly by religions.

    We all have a tribal “need” to belong to some sort of a social unit, and Atheism is large enough to have and support such a formal structure.

    We should also remember to quash the religious claim that the religions provide morality. (They don’t. Morals evolved due to living as a group dependent species). It is time for atheists to begin teaching morality to the religious.

    One further point.
    There may someday be something discovered to which the term “god” can justifiably be attached, however, the grossly incompetent bullies in the sky daddy caricatures envisioned by modern religions are most certainly myths.
    We should be quite clear that we can prove there is no god. We proved Thor was a myth when we learned the real source of thunder, and we can apply this same method to any god of any religion. All fail.


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